The little brown box…

Within the core of every human spirit lies a dream, a true passion for life yet the lack of determination, hard work and will power to actualise the dream overpowers the passion that lies within.

There is a box that exists, we as a human race have placed ourselves inside of this box, we do this for a few reasons; it provides a sense of security, a sense of comfort, a false sense of happiness and it is believed that if you escape this box, you will not survive the world outside of it. We therefore, stay here, follow the rules, listen to those we assume senior to us, keep pushing through this mundane routine and call it life. There is a name for this box, it is called our comfort zone.


It is ok to have a comfort zone as long as you own it!

What I mean by this is, many people stay within what they know, because getting out is too difficult, people stay in abusive relationships because it’s too difficult to be alone, people can’t leave toxic work spaces because they believe that they need stability to survive this world, house wives who are unhappy, stick around because  the thought of having to be financially independent scares them, people leave high school and work at one company for years and years, never make a change and don’t know any better then to spend 9 hours of the day sucking up to their bosses so they can always be the “Teachers pet” even at work… All of these people have no control over their lives, victims of their own creation! Little toy soldiers in the palm of their abusers hand!

I have a box too, but my box isn’t the place where I work, it isn’t the home in which I live in, it isn’t the people who I love, it is the entire world, everyone who I have met and yet to meet! Can you imagine that? Being at ease and comfortable wherever you are in this world, having the ability and strength to get up leave every time someone even attempts to control your happiness and freedom instead of playing victim and punishing yourself?


If you can imagine it, then you can live it, my advise to anyone is… If you are unhappy leave, if you believe in something, fight for it, if you don’t like your box find a new one, the bigger the box the more freedom you have, or better yet, throw the box away, if a person makes you unhappy, you have a choice to stay or leave, wherever you are at this point in time, is a result of a choice that you have made, and if you are unhappy with where you are right now, then it is time to make a different choice.