Just fix it in post :):

In our culture, it is believed that ones destiny is almost fully predetermined before your birth. You have, based on your actions in past lives, already chosen your parents, your friends, enemy’s, the challenges you have to face and even the time at which certain people may enter your life.

I read somewhere, that souls who love you dearly, may also voluntarily come back down as your enemy, just to teach you certain lessons to benefit your growth. If you never understood the term “Karma is a bitch”, well, this pretty much sums it up…


I have this vision of when I die and what happens; I feel like it’s going to be a massive gathering of all the old souls who we have lost over the years, you know, having a massive catch up session, reminiscing on all the incidents that took place through all our lives, and story boarding the next life together. Can you imagine that? A brainstorming session of your next life.

On a more serious note…

As much as I believe karma does exist, I also believe that one has the power to change the course in which ones life flows i.e, writer of your own script, directer of your own film and obviously, crafter of your own story in edit. For me, edit is the best part, this is where you gather all you memories and experiences into one place, and then decide which you want to hold on to and which to eliminate.

You get to create the look and feel of your life here, change wardrobe as you please, edit out characters who add no value to your story and you have the power to set the tone for the next scene.

Certain karma can be avoided, certain cant. If it rains, it rains. But to get wet or not is your choice. If you have an umbrella, you can use it or you will not.

~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The problem with this is, those events that occur which is beyond your control, like, losing a parent, finding out that you’re sick, someone you love dearly hurts you etc… This is where, I believe, your true editing skills needs to come into play, because in this case, the script has been written by someone else, the footage has already been shot and directed… BY SOMEONE ELSE, and now you need to “Fix it in post.”

This can either be a thrilling task, especially for a fixer upper like me, or it can be a rather tedious exercise, for the ones who aren’t driven by control and challenge.

So you have a lot of freedom to control your life in Post Production: You get to craft this story and direct your life forward from this point.

Here are a few choices:

  1. You can either can take the scene, add happy music, count your blessings and be content with it.
  2. Add some comedy, make fun of the situation and move on.
  3. You can add a mellow theme, cry about it forever and craft out one of the most miserable stories on the planet.
  4. You can slap the situation in the face, kick it out your way and create the most epic films ever.

Whatever you decide to do, just know and understand that, in life in general, we have the tabloids and film critics who have no idea how much work you’ve put into your film, they will always find something wrong with it and it is a massive skill to be able to turn a blind eye on those.

You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try to, because some like the sad stuff, some prefer comedy and most love the drama, so when crafting your story, do it for yourself and have a ball of a time doing it, because as long as you are having fun, and not taking everything too seriously, you will definitely win that Oscar!!!


Riding this wave with pleasure!

When I turned 30 this year, I felt an immense amount of pressure to do something big, try something different, or start some kind of new chapter. To be quite honest, my spirit was dull because, everyone who isn’t 30 yet, looked at me with an expectation of “What are you going to do now?”and friends who are already 30 (And single) were telling me that I am at the beginning of the best chapter of my life,  as a result, I feel this salient obligation to society to make my 30’s epic.

Should I travel more, work more, get a dog, do I pick a human and date it, gym harder, get a new look, change careers… WHAT? I then decided, the best is to to give up being a people pleaser and wake up every morning as I have for the past 30 years and do whatever I feel like.

 Anyway, the real reason I am writing this blog:

A few of my friends (Girls) who have turned 30 before me and are still single, often go on about how they need to settle A.S.AP, how they are hoping to find someone and start a family…. YAAAAWWWN.

Do you have any idea how exhausting it is, to think, that you’re going out on an awesome girls night but instead, the night turns into a huge session of having to listen to someone go on and on and on and ONNNNNN about how she needs a man and how she prays everyday for the right man to swing by? What happened to enjoying a moment for what it actually is?

So now that I am 30, I FINALLY feel it safe to voice my opinions on, still being in the market at 30 and beyond. Truth be told, I feel that there is nothing sexier then being 30, single and absolutely fabulous!!!

Think about it, there’s nothing or no one stopping us from doing anything we want, and we can do it anywhere in this entire world. For me, it’s a bit of a blessing that I am a loner, mostly because I hate waiting on people to make up there minds. I want to wake up, decide and do, my motto…

Don’t think just do!

If you’re not a loner and you’re 30 with no man on the horizen, best you try and start enjoying your own company,  because once you do, you will have the time of your life. It’s a sense of freedom that you can never get if you are committed to anyone.

Yes yes, I know being married or popping them babies out could be fun expensive and exhausting too, at some point in my life I did want it, but this marriage thing has to wait a little, just till I have exploited this freedom of the third decade, first as a single woman, then maybe later I’ll pick that human and settle.

Before I start sounding like a complete feminist, which I definitely am not, I do have to point out, that I have been in a long term relationship at some point, and I know the transition so well, the one from doing your own thing, to now having to compromise on certain things to accommodate a new person in your life. The thing about this transition is that, it happens so quickly, it’s like a massive tsunami that hits you, knocks you off your feet and before you know it, you are riding a brand new wave, it’s a great thing, but you also now have to start compromising on certain things and may not be able to do as much as you could when you were single.

My advice…

Embrace the single wave, exploit every opportunity that presents itself, don’t waste time praying for a man, rather make a few million dollars before 35, travel every inch of the world, make a new friend everyday, do something that will change your tomorrow, so that when that tsunami hits, you have no regrets and an amazing story to tell!!!


The worst edit I have ever had to push through…

When I say I am an editor, often people think “Oh she sits and has fun all day” Firstly, yes I do, I love my my job, but secondly, it’s an art, I always edit from the heart, never from my head, it’s a feeling not a science.
I have been through the journey with Madiba in a documentary edit, I have followed doctors kayaking through Lake Tanganyika helping kids with Malaria and Cleft lip on the way, I edited the journey of South African kids who got an opportunity to go to school for a year in London,  Corporate videos for banks, promotional videos for hotels and casinos, the list is endless…
Through my job, I get to travel, I get to explore other careers, I get to celebrate with others, I craft stories of people of all walks of life, from humble beginnings right up to CEO’s of massive companies, I generally love it, it’s like a new book everyday, but today I cut something that I have never had to do in all my years of editing…
I sit here physically and emotionally drained from one of the worst edits I have ever had to do…
A memorial tribute video for a colleague who has just lost his 12 year old son.
I spent 4 hours of today, sick to my tummy, holding back tears and literally trembling as I compiled a visual montage of all the happy moments of a 12 year old boy who is no longer here.
As a spiritualist I am meant to accept and understand, to be calm and almost objective, but I just cannot do this today. I am overwhelmed by anger, sadness and a sick feeling knowing that behind this montage of joy and special moments, there is a mum and dad out there who sent their son to school one morning and 30 minutes later they are left devastated in a hospital as they to bid farewell to their boy.
I cannot accept this, it may seem like a small thing to many of my friends who see this quite often in their careers, and this is something that is beyond anyones control, but it just doesn’t sit right with me, I cannot accept it, no one should ever have to bury their own child, it makes me question our whole existence, it makes everything else feel so irrelevant, the control freak in me wants to go and have a chat/argument with the someone who is in charge, undo it and make it right but I can’t….
I just can’t 😦

Simple Fruit…

In the last post I touched on something along the lines of happiness being a choice and that it comes from within. You know, one can’t go around looking for it somewhere, it’s not a material object which you can buy from the store, or download from the internet, you cannot google “Where do I find happiness” well you can, but the internet isn’t really aware of what it is that you need at that particular time, also what we as humans need to be aware of, is that, what defines happiness to one individual is completely different to the happiness of another.


I am mindful of the fact I have just stated the obvious to some, but for others, this isn’t as easy to understand. Humans have a tendency to contort the natural.

We complicate life way too much, life is simple, for example, a fruit grows on a tree, we pick it, wash it and eat it, easy right?….NOT!!! We than decided to take apples and make toffee apples, add cream to strawberries, peaches drenched in syrup, apple crumble, pickled pears and thousands more. In essence what we have done is, put a lot of hard work into taking something, which is naturally perfect, and making it into something we think is better, and in doing so, we have warped a simple fruit, removed everything that is healthy about it and than we feel fat from all that sugar and cream. This is what we have done with our lives.

The inspiration behind this blog, is that I have just read something about how one goes about being happy, it consisted of clear step by step instructions as to how to go about it. In my honest opinion, it really is just a bang load of hog wash. The truth about life, according to me, is that there are a few constants i.e:

  • Everything is always changing.
  • Very few things in this world are permanent.
  • We are all going to die at some point.
  • You’ll have great chapters and bad ones.
  • You will lose people you love.
  • Not everyone will like you and you won’t like everyone.
  • Boys are stupid Grown men are sometimes stubborn and behave like children.
  • And the mother of them all “Karma’s a bitch.”

Once we understand and accept this, we really don’t have to worry about much.

Just take it easy!

In this day and age, it is essential to attempt to go back to basics, we are a generation who have lost that certain classic element that our grand parents and parents had, we are some-what spoilt. There’s an appreciation that we don’t have anymore, there’s a respect that has gone adrift. As much as I love technology and how convenient it has made our lives, I feel this is the reason we have lost the value of life.

Yes it is an incredible time to be alive, we are in a technologically advanced era, there is so much to learn, happiness these days, for some, is getting the latest cell phone, being up to date with new software, new accesories to improve our lifestyle, however, this is merely temporary, true happiness at the end of it all, should mean enjoying the simplicity of life, a moment spent talking to your parents, a conversation with someone new, embracing the beautiful summer rain, walking barefoot on the grass, appreciating pretty flowers, being one hundred percent where you are and not worrying about the next minute which is beyond your control, accepting that moment for what it is, being a mum, dad or wife, playing a sport, dancing, eating good food, hearing the voice of the one you love, a hug, a surprise phone call… This is the simple fruit that I speak of, and it costs nothing!

grunge background with space for text

No skype call can match the feeling of a warm hug, no kindle can match the smell of a new book, no picture of your travels can capture, the vibration, sound, and smell of being in a foreign country. We get so caught up in wanting to take pictures everywhere we go, that we forget to drop the camera and embrace the moment for what it is.

Once we start being happy with the little things, the bigger things are just the cherry on top. 



Countdown to 2016… Whoop Whoop!!!

The big 30 approaches in 2 months… YIIIKEEEESSSSS!!!!!!

About 2 years ago, I would have been quite apprehensive about stepping into the next decade, however, it turns out I cannot be anymore excited than I already am. I am psyched, I am thrilled and I am ready to dive into the “Dirty 30’s” ….. As they say.

I started this blog about a year ago as a result of my little sister nagging me to start publishing what I write, at first I felt I was taking a chunk of my inner thoughts, dilemas, private moments and craziness, and dishing it out for everyone to look at. I felt somewhat naked, I thought I was abusing an informative platform to expose the deeper side of me that some of my friends and family have not really known about, but it has turned out to be a great document for me to look back on, a year long timeline that allows me to view my growth.

After rereading some of what I wrote, looking back at all the work I put into building the person I am now, I can safely say that I am now strong, I am calm and most importantly, I am content.

I am glad to be leaving my 20’s, I have made many distinctive memories in the last ten years. It was a massive chapter for me, it was dramatic on so many levels, A 10 year long rollercoaster of ups and downs, tummy turning times, moments that took my breath away, slow uphills, extreme lows and crazy twists and turns in between all of that.

I had made mistakes, big ones and small ones, I fell in love, lost my dad, fell out of love, met so many new people, removed people from my life who weren’t contributing positively, learnt how to say No, understood that some times we do things out of ignorance and we either learn from it or wallow in the sorrow and make everyone around us miserable.

Happiness is a choice and it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself once in a while, but there comes a point where you have to pick yourself up, lift your head high and run through life like nothing matters, you know why??? Because ten years later, all that you were crying about is just a distant memory and you have new things to deal with now. Life is only as bad as you make it seem. ~Me

As much as I know I have been through so much, I am thankful for this rollercoaster, because I am now in a position where I can be strong for everyone around me. I love being the friend who can help when needed, I love being the daughter and sister who my family can count on, the person at work who people find approachable and easy to talk to. It’s a good space to be in, where you’ve worked on yourself so much, you are ready to deal with anything that presents itself. There is no greater joy in my life right now, than doing things for the people I love and anyone else who I can assist, I think that is going to be the foundation for the next ten years.

It took the last 3 years of being selfish, and working on me, finding me, what makes me happy, what makes me tick, the quality of life I’d like to live and the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and after all that, I am finally in my element, I understand my purpose here and if I am not learning something new, I hope I am able to teach something new.

All Positive from here on!


In the mind of a Capricorn!

I haven’t felt like writing in the last few weeks, I suppose I was not feeling very inspired about anything, but as life would have it, I am back on the ball. This time I have explored the life and times of an over-thinker i.e “ME”….. As usual!

So I am a Capricorn, and I live up to the very nature of one. At first I always thought that I am just a crazy person, an over thinker, and in need of something new to obsess over at the end of a chapter, but then I have been having some deep conversations with fellow Capricorns and I have realised that, I have found my tribe, we are all the same kind of “CRAZY” ha-ha. Get’s me all excited.

b1929c338b56b8304e8b75a1724d65c0There are 2 kinds of Capricorns, the quiet calm and collected ones, and then the over the top, extremists, live in our own heads kind of Capricorns. Different in nature yet very similar. I have never met a laid back Capricorn with a “Go with the flow” mentality. No No No, we have to have a plan, we have to be occupied at all times and nothing on this planet is more irritating than lose ends being left hanging, unanswered questions and god forbid you have read my message and haven’t replied…. By now I have assumed, you are mad at me, you think I am stupid from what I just said or you might have died from my text!!!! No Jokes.


There are few rules/ habits/ pet hates that us Capricorns live by, and dare you break them!!!!!

  1. We DO NOT appreciate a change of plan, yes we can adapt easily, given enough notice, but once a plan is in place, we have already, in our minds planned everything that needs to happen, how it’ll happen, and I have been told, pre-empt or presume the outcome!!!! I say again… DARE YOU TRY AND CHANGE THAT PLAN! The word control freak comes to mind.
  2. We are loyal to the bone and beyond, it takes a  long time for us to trust you, but when we do, you know for a fact we will be there for you no matter what. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that if I believe you are a good person, I will always have your back!
  3. 76302c79ab6d2da51b9cda6af7ebeef9If you have given us any reason to believe that the trust is broken, we will subtly distance ourselves from you, drift away slowly, you won’t know that we are doing it and before you know it, we have permanently cut ties and you will NEVER find us. Phoof, we’re gone! We are loyal people and if we don’t get that back in return, it isn’t easy to forgive.

4. We’re not psychic, but we’re very instinctive about life, for some reason, we can tell a lot about others lives, but not really about ourselves. I remember advising a friend of what lessons life is trying to teach her and giving her step by step guidelines of how it’ll play out, and everything happened exactly as I said it would. She was flabbergasted, so was I actually. Since than I tested the theory, if you dig deep enough, as a Capricorn, you can figure a situation out in no time at all and mostly be right! That’s another thing, we hate being wrong, its almost not even an option! capricorns-are-very-intuitive

Generally, after a first conversation, or even just feeling a persons presence, we can already tell if we like you or not. Unfortunately, if we don’t like you, it takes a lot to convince us otherwise and if we do, it’ll take a lot of effort to get rid of us!

5. FOOOOODDDDD!!!!!! If there’s anything on this planet we love, it’s food! I know so many of our tribe, including me, who have tried many times to be vegetarian and failed dismally. There are so many wonderful things to try, why limit yourself?

6. The thing with e-mail and text these days, is that it gives us more opportunity to over think everything, as we now can re-read everything a hundred times, be it something wonderful your superior has said about you, an insult from someone or even a simple Hi from someone you’re crushing on….Did that Hi mean, “I am thinking of you” could it be that he’s just bored and using you as a time pass, does he actually want to talk to you? Within 5 seconds you have decided what “HI” actually means…. Most of the time you’re wrong, as I said, we’re instinctive about others, not our own lives…. at all!!!!

7. One of the biggest qualities that we have is that we are very hard on ourselves, whether we did good or bad, it’s like we are over achievers but in a bad way, we’ll never give ourselves credit for anything we’ve done and  no matter how good it is, we always believe we can do better. Sleep is not important, we are hard workers and even though we like to sleep in, in the mornings, we can push work through the night and keep going if we’re inspired enough.


8. When we fall in love, we do it properly, we never lax about it, we give it our all and sometimes because others don’t get how committed we are, we sometimes get broken because nobody really understands how serious we take it.ef4048c106f317ab0df89a8203aaad62

9. One thing that’s very important especially in relationships. There is nothing we can’t achieve by ourselves, we may not be emotionally independent, but we are very resourceful, in the sense that if we need something, we can make it happen for ourselves, so when we enter into something, when we fall in love, when we allow another into our space, best you know that it’s because we have fallen for the person and not the stuff that comes with it, I have never been a fancy car, big diamond kinda girl and the best gifts you can give a Capricorn is a love letter written not typed. We’re sentimental like that!

10. Golden rule… Just don’t piss us off!



Timing, Thoughts and Transformation!


I truly believe that everyone walks into our lives for a reason, we attain certain things at a certain time because we need it at that time. Sometimes we receive things and only realise it’s necessity after the fact.


People come to teach us something new, we teach them, we love, we hate, we fight we cry and so the cycle goes on… I sometimes feel that certain people have walked into my life for the correct reasons, but at the wrong time. Perhaps we should have met when our level of maturity was a tad more concurrent. I say this because we could be so much more productive while being in the same frame of mind, make decisions based on a like-minded approach and inevitably experience life on a whole new level.

Emotional maturity is very important to me. I have grown up much faster than most my age. My mindset has always been different to the people around me, I chose a career that none in my circle would ever consider and I made it work for me. I have an impulsive nature, I see far beyond what others can imagine, I am a colossal dreamer and when an idea dawns on me, which I truly believe I can achieve, I become unstoppable.

Anything is possible, if you just focus, not let anything or anyone distract you from your target and you give it all the effort you got!

It sometimes frustrates me while sitting with people who think with blinkers on, they have no broader vision of what life could be, of how, if we change the way we think we will have the capacity of doing so much more with our lives.

d0c75ab5a675a14aea5f9b6e4099356f-520x650 I don’t get too involved in others lives, because I respect that everyone has a story and reasons for the decisions they make, HOWEVER  nothing infuriates me more than, when I listen to people speak of their dreams and aspirations, I see that they have brilliant ideas to do and be great, yet they choose to focus on the one hundred and one excuses of why it cannot be done. Why do people put such limitations on themselves, especially when it is clear that they have the capacity and intelligence to turn their entire life around?

Everything is as difficult or as easy as you make it.

I had worked for a company for a good few years, earning not as much I wanted. I remember sitting at my desk thinking, how will I ever be able to afford to move out of mums house, or start my own life. I knew change was in order! I could have still been in that situation if I hadn’t broken that cycle. It was extremely difficult to change from a constant monthly salary to one where I had to be on my own and make it on my own, nobody in my industry knew who I was and work was scarce for a few months, but I made it my mission to make it work! See when you focus, when you know you need a lifestyle change, and you have the guts to see it through no matter what, you will succeed. It is never easy, you will fall, but what matters is how you pick yourself up, then you can sit back and tell a story of success and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

timing-is-everythingI had a huge catch up conversation with a friend yesterday and, within 4 months she has made a complete career shift. She first had a realisation, that this is not the life that she wanted to live, she then made a decision to do something about it and with the motivation and support from her husband, she has managed to change her entire career around, now this is the kind of people we should surround ourselves with. People who aren’t scared of change.

She told me that the transition was the scariest 2 months of her life, but now 2 months after that, we bare witness to a complete career upgrade. A chapter which has given her a new-found independence, a chapter that holds great opportunity and success and most importantly a chapter where she loves her job.

Sadly loving what you do is so rare these days, people have become robotic: no passion, no drive, no enthusiasm, they simply wake up, work, get home, eat and sleep! Is this really what being alive means?

e6dcd8c8c6a46b3539a4d9ac542e1cabUs humans are so damn scared of change, so scared of missing that monthly salary. We get so caught up in this horrible cycle of working 9 to 10 hour days everyday, that we lose our drive for life, we forget the things we dreamt of as kids, we just blend into the normal day-to-day life. For me, that isn’t living, you become a walking corpse doing everything for everyone and nothing for yourself. What’s the point of living then? What quality of life is that? How are you contributing to society or even empowering yourself?

See we don’t know why we were placed here, we don’t know why we meet certain people and we sure as hell have no idea what the next chapter holds, but we need to grow as people, we need to embrace change if not create it. It’s imperative to sometimes take a look back and reflect on all lessons learnt, all the people who have come and gone from our lives and then take on a responsibility to ourselves to make the rest of our lives the best ride that it possibly can be!!!