Life's Puzzle

I often think of my life in Chapters, there has been so many twists and turns, so many shifts in different directions, instances where I have been forced out my comfort zone for reasons I sometimes cannot explain, and then those days where everything is so perfect, where nothing could get me down, and every song that plays on my playlist complements my mood, but life cannot be perfect all the time, we will get bored!

I realise that as human beings, this is how we are built. We are designed as creatures who shall never be satisfied with what we have, we are created to always progress and move forward, if we are placed in one space doing the same thing over and over again, we will, without a doubt go crazy. This is why, as I like to say “life happens to us.” This is when one of 2 things happen…

1. We decide that “It’s time for change” and do something crazy like resign from our jobs or take a sabbatical and go travelling for a year, single couples decide to get married, married couples have babies, people in corporate decided to find a hobby like painting or pottery etc etc OR
2. “Life happens” this is when something or someone in the universe decides, ok you are too comfortable, let me throw you off a bit.

The reason I have created this blog: We often say “try and walk a day in my shoes” or “If you have to spend a day in my life you probably won’t survive.” I believe that a day in your life is like one piece of a million piece puzzle, you might not see the bigger picture from that one little piece, but as you grow older and start figuring out where all the pieces fit, the bigger picture will reveal itself to you. This is why I have called this blog “Life in a day of mine.. Life happens to us every day, within every moment, whether we want it to or not, whether we like the outcomes of these situations or not, it just happens, things can change in a split second, and we just have to be aware of this life happening to us every single day!


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