Shackles of our EGO and my understanding of Love ❤️ 

You know, the biggest disease in today’s world is “What will people think.”

“Don’t be a football of other people’s opinions. Don’t worry about what others think about you. In fact, nobody has time to think about you” ~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I have been misguided by my own thoughts, I have always blamed society for moulding me to care about what everyone thinks of me, of my actions, my weight, my intelligence…. My entire life!

Truth is, as I have transitioned from how I was raised into adulthood, I have come to realize and accept that, it is nothing other than my own ego that has stopped me from doing whatever makes me happy because of “Who is watching.”

Life is way to short to follow the masses…We may not open our eyes tomorrow, so…

When you hear the music, and deep within your core, all you want to do is dance; get out there and do it… NO MATTER WHO IS WATCHING!

When your heart is heavy, and your spirit needs to reset; cry with all your given strength until your eyes are dry… NO MATTER WHO IS WATCHING!

If something doesn’t sit right in your soul; make an effort to correct it… NO MATTER WHO IS WATCHING!

Don’t be afraid to shower Love onto anyone that you connect with… NO MATTER WHO IS WATCHING!

Love is a scary thing, it is a rose, delicate, yet the thorns can cause your soul to bleed.

We box it into dofferent levels of love; the love for our family, love for our children, for our partners, but I have recently learnt that love is not meant to be boxed. It is a common emotion that we all feel, a universal language and something that is not meant to be controlled, yet we are so caught up with our own ego, our mind and an “intelligence” which forces us to control it. It is unnatural to control this, it’s not meant to be controlled.

Love has no status or boundary, you can love the one who begs at the corner of the street, you can fall in love with a person just from a quick glance in their eyes, you can love your best friend of the opposite sex, with a pure love and no feeling of lust, love for God, love for nature for animals… the list is endless!

As I said “IT IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE” If we would just drop the brick wall that we’ve built in front of us and open ourselves up to the pain and joy of it, we would experience the true power of it all!

Take care of you, do what makes you happy,  you do not always need to do what others expect of you, because at the end Of the day, when you lay to rest, you are left alone with your mind, not the minds of those who we think are watching us, just you and your mind, and as an adult, we have a say in how peaceful that mind is at the end of everyday. ❤️

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