31 Years at “The University of Life”

People sometimes think I am crazy, when I speak of having a strong faith, or how spirituality trumps religion any day, but if you walk a day in my shoes, you’ll be amazed at how a little prayer here and there, an unbreakable faith and good intentions makes life just fall into place so beautifully…

A few lessons I have learnt (the hard way)

  • Your life is like a film, everyone is watching, there are people who will love it, people who will hate it, and those who watch with a critical eye, waiting for you to do something wrong, so that they can give your film a bad rating… So live it, no matter who is watching!
  • Be good and humble with all those around you, regardless of whether they reciprocate that.
  • Never allow exterior situations destroy your inner peace.
  • The People you surround yourself with play a critical role in your state of mind, keep those, who impact your life positively close by and walk away from those who bring your energy down. Don’t be afraid to drop friends and leave situations that don’t add value to your life. 
  • Learn to love being by yourself, if you are content in your own space, you are indestructible anywhere else.
  • Drop your ego; Apologise when you need to, whether you are forgiven or not does not matter, you do your part, the rest is up to the other person and their mindset
  • It is tough to always do the right thing in life, sometimes we don’t know what is right, but in all your actions, never put someone else through something that you wouldn’t want to go through… Karma is a scary thing, it shall come back ten times worse… don’t risk it.
  • Time is valuable, never waste it, work hard, but balance with some rest
  • L❤️VE unconditionally!

And most important...

  • Be grateful for all that you have been blessed with, and use your blessings to help others who aren’t as fortunate as you may be…

So that, my friends, have been my lessons after 31 years of trying to figure out this life thing!

Who knows how much more I need to learn before I complete this life cycle! 💝 

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