What would Hassie masa have done?

Memories on Facebook today took me to this…

Exactly 8 days after my mum called and said “Deepa is outside and daddy won’t open the door”

There’s this thing that happens when you lose a parent, you just know it’s happened before they give you “The News”, a part of you becomes hollow, it’s a feeling in your heart where you can physically feel a part of who you are is gone, and it’s true, the three of us are completely different people since that day.

I Don’t remember much else about that time, but 7 years later, we are happy, the empty is still empty yet the memory runs so strong….

What would daddy have said if he saw this?

Do you remember when Hassie Masa played this song every single day as he drove us to tuition?

He would have been so angry if he saw this…

… every single days goes by this way, we live vicariously through our memory and through the stories everyone tells as they remember him.

So how will it ever be normal again?

It never will, but we lived through the storm and learnt to dance in the rain 🙂

A tribute to a man who taught me how to pour a beer with perfection, who worked hard at making it right again when it was all wrong, and who, even after leaving us, still teaches me my lessons through the little things he’s left behind and the memories that makes us happy, sad and laugh a lot.

Love him always ❤️


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