Sometimes we just need a little affirmation…

2 days in Frankfurt 🙂

There’s an awareness that I develop as I embark on an independent travel venture. I am more alert, a tad sensitive to my new surroundings and since I have, once again, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I somewhat adopt a more serious stance…

The beauty of this is that I am totally cognizant of all the little details of life which we overlook on a daily basis, I hear every single sound as I walk through the streets, I can feel the freedom of a bird as I watch it glide through the air, I have a better appreciation of the sun kissed water as it flashes out a gold sparkle and ofcourse my favorite of all… the characters I encounter as I move along.

This is only the second time that I have shifted seasons all by myself and both times I stand at the airport, bags in hand, waiting for a train or taxi and asking myself the same question… “What on earth were you thinking, doing this by yourself?”

I often can see the judgement in the eyes of people who listen to my next venture in life, those who have never and probably will never understand how refreshing it is to do something new and perhaps by yourself too. It’s not that I lack friends, it’s not that I don’t have a family who’ll come with me, it could be that sometimes friends and family get a bit too much for me, but it’s definitely a soulful experience, accompanied by an inexplicable freedom and zest for life.

So here’s me and my huge heavy hard case about to take 3 different trains to get to where I needed to go, still a little cranky from a 10 hour long flight, next to a woman who took her seat as well as half of mine, leaving me with Zero nap time on the plane as my psychology shall not accept the fact that her shoulder is always brushing up against mine… mind you, if it was a he and a hot he, I might not have minded… but it was a she, a she with a big shoulder that needed it’s own seat and a thick blanket over that shoulder which took up more space… I pride myself on being that short girl on the plane with no leg room  problems, able to pull off a perfect cross legged seated position and sleep ever so comfortably, little did I know that a shoulder could be a problem or that a shoulder needed it’s own seat…

3 trains followed by a short drive and a few friends made along the way, I finally found myself in the place that is now home for the next few days. As we drove through a little town and up a windy route making our way up a mountain, surrounded by pure white frosted grass, I could feel an energy shift already, I couldn’t wait to get out and feel what it is that’s outside that car window.

Luggage put away, a quick lunch and ofcourse a new friend is all I needed to fuel up a hike out in the freezing cold forest. We walked through a path which we eventually left behind as we drifted off and climbed higher and higher, then winded down in a new direction,  2 hours later found ourselves completely lost in between the greens, feeling the quiet that it was, finding a little bit of sun in between the icy cold, allowing it to warm our noses, and in absolute  appreciation of the fact that, in life, some of us are lucky enough to not be too caught up in what some call reality, and to be able to make a decision to step away from life as we know it, in order to experience something new…

Ever since that, every experience I’ve had, every conversation that’s added value to my life and every new person I’ve met has made me realise that the decision to come here by myself was a correct one.


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