23 Years ago, on this day!

18 April 1993, Kempton park, South Africa: I met a Princess 🙂

I was 7 years old, running through the corridors, as fast as I possibly could, pulling my dads hand to walk faster, the adrenaline was excessive, I couldn’t wait to see her. I had waited for this moment for far too long.

Then finally, after all those months of anticipation, laying under a blue light, in a little glass box, I got the first glimpse of one of the fattest, cutest most adorable babies that I had ever seen in my life, my sister was finally here!


I feel like I was already a mum at the age of 7, I had a real life doll that I could play dress up with, feed her, bath her, make fountain pony-tails at the top of her head. I took hundreds of pictures of her; from her chilling in her pram, to the first day of school, trying to take action shots of her jumping off the couch in her soccer gear, yes she was a tom boy!!!

I will never forget the day that she learnt how to walk, I was so excited to show my dad. I waited all day for him to come back from work, as he opened the gate and made his way to the front door, I carried her, put her on her feet, ran back inside and peaked from behind the front door as she wobbled her way to my dad, who was ecstatic. Moments like those make my life.

This was also a defining moment for us, because after that day, the calm was invaded by a little hyper active creature that ran around 24/7, emptying cupboards, climbing everything, scribbling in my school books, accidentally dipping her foot in the cream tub and leaving a trail of tiny foot prints everywhere she went, eating my dads pills, visiting the neighbours without us knowing, leaving us worried sick because she was nowhere to be found, following me everywhere asking why, why why, why x 100… between the age of 2 and 12 I don’t remember a single day where she wasn’t full of mud and ready for her bath, it was so bad that we’d have to wash the bathroom after cleaning her up as she left line of mud across the bath tub after every bath time.


As I write about the first few years of her life, leading up to today, 23 years later, I have realised that almost nothing has changed, we have just upgraded from fountain pony tails to different hair do’s that we find on the internet, I cried when she graduated from pre school and I will howl again when she graduates next year, not to mention, she is still the naughtiest kid in my dance class, because she knows she can AAAAANNDDDD she is still scary when she wakes up in the mornings; Don’t talk to her she will kill you… Don’t even smile at her, no eye contact, no conversation, just give her the tv remote and breakfast, once the tummy is full, you may attempt a “Good morning” 

I cannot imagine a life where she is not around, giving me advise, calling me out on the stupid things I do, laughing till our tummy hurts and also driving each other mad, it’s not always fun and games, our fights are real, I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who can make me as angry as she can… and vice versa!!!!

Truth be told, the tables have turned now, instead of me teaching her a few things, she has now become my voice of reason, my confidant, my best friend.

Sometimes full of nonsense, yet the owner of a strong spirit, a soft heart, and a kind soul. Happy birthday to my first-born. I been here all your life, and thanks to you, I have a pretty good idea of how I will raise my own children one day (No Sugar till highschool).

Love you muches little doodle RoKli Bums!





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