Realisations while Beach Bumming!!!

So I spent all of last week at the beach, and because I don’t Beach often, I milked every moment of it. I spent hours in the sea, I had lunch everyday with the view of the sea, and the best part was, taking naps with the sound of the sea, it’s one of the most therapeutic ways to fall asleep.

Every-time I travel, I come back having learnt something new, either about myself, or from somebody new that I meet.

On the last evening of our holiday, I had decided, that after spending all week watching the sun sets at the shore, I wanted to, this time, be in the middle of the ocean as I watched the sun go down.

It was a bit nippy on that evening, so pretty much everyone was lazing about at the shore, for that moment I had the ocean all to myself, no bumping into anyone, no sounds of people, just me and the water. I laid afloat on my back as I watched the blue sky turn orange, an occasional bird flying across and enjoying a contrast of the warm ocean with a bit of an icy breeze hitting my nose, it was absolutely tranquil.

In that moment I had a flash back of my life about 3 years ago, when I was almost out of a 5 year-long relationship and I had realised that, as much as I was all by myself at that moment in the ocean, I was content, I was complete and fulfilled, yet 3 years ago, I was not alone, I had someone to love, yet the loneliness that enveloped my being at that time was intolerable.

Rebuilding myself in the last 3 years after that break up had been the toughest thing I ever had to go through in my life, but I have built such amazing relationships now, beautiful souls have walked into my life and aided my growth, the tears I cry now, are all tears of joy and no more of sorrow. I don’t feel that intense pain in my soul anymore, I don’t have that sick feeling in my core, the constant lump in my throat is gone, my energy is light again and I am free…

“Being alone is scary, but not as scary as feeling alone in a relationship.”

~Amelia Earheart




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