Just fix it in post :):

In our culture, it is believed that ones destiny is almost fully predetermined before your birth. You have, based on your actions in past lives, already chosen your parents, your friends, enemy’s, the challenges you have to face and even the time at which certain people may enter your life.

I read somewhere, that souls who love you dearly, may also voluntarily come back down as your enemy, just to teach you certain lessons to benefit your growth. If you never understood the term “Karma is a bitch”, well, this pretty much sums it up…


I have this vision of when I die and what happens; I feel like it’s going to be a massive gathering of all the old souls who we have lost over the years, you know, having a massive catch up session, reminiscing on all the incidents that took place through all our lives, and story boarding the next life together. Can you imagine that? A brainstorming session of your next life.

On a more serious note…

As much as I believe karma does exist, I also believe that one has the power to change the course in which ones life flows i.e, writer of your own script, directer of your own film and obviously, crafter of your own story in edit. For me, edit is the best part, this is where you gather all you memories and experiences into one place, and then decide which you want to hold on to and which to eliminate.

You get to create the look and feel of your life here, change wardrobe as you please, edit out characters who add no value to your story and you have the power to set the tone for the next scene.

Certain karma can be avoided, certain cant. If it rains, it rains. But to get wet or not is your choice. If you have an umbrella, you can use it or you will not.

~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The problem with this is, those events that occur which is beyond your control, like, losing a parent, finding out that you’re sick, someone you love dearly hurts you etc… This is where, I believe, your true editing skills needs to come into play, because in this case, the script has been written by someone else, the footage has already been shot and directed… BY SOMEONE ELSE, and now you need to “Fix it in post.”

This can either be a thrilling task, especially for a fixer upper like me, or it can be a rather tedious exercise, for the ones who aren’t driven by control and challenge.

So you have a lot of freedom to control your life in Post Production: You get to craft this story and direct your life forward from this point.

Here are a few choices:

  1. You can either can take the scene, add happy music, count your blessings and be content with it.
  2. Add some comedy, make fun of the situation and move on.
  3. You can add a mellow theme, cry about it forever and craft out one of the most miserable stories on the planet.
  4. You can slap the situation in the face, kick it out your way and create the most epic films ever.

Whatever you decide to do, just know and understand that, in life in general, we have the tabloids and film critics who have no idea how much work you’ve put into your film, they will always find something wrong with it and it is a massive skill to be able to turn a blind eye on those.

You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try to, because some like the sad stuff, some prefer comedy and most love the drama, so when crafting your story, do it for yourself and have a ball of a time doing it, because as long as you are having fun, and not taking everything too seriously, you will definitely win that Oscar!!!

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