Simple Fruit…

In the last post I touched on something along the lines of happiness being a choice and that it comes from within. You know, one can’t go around looking for it somewhere, it’s not a material object which you can buy from the store, or download from the internet, you cannot google “Where do I find happiness” well you can, but the internet isn’t really aware of what it is that you need at that particular time, also what we as humans need to be aware of, is that, what defines happiness to one individual is completely different to the happiness of another.


I am mindful of the fact I have just stated the obvious to some, but for others, this isn’t as easy to understand. Humans have a tendency to contort the natural.

We complicate life way too much, life is simple, for example, a fruit grows on a tree, we pick it, wash it and eat it, easy right?….NOT!!! We than decided to take apples and make toffee apples, add cream to strawberries, peaches drenched in syrup, apple crumble, pickled pears and thousands more. In essence what we have done is, put a lot of hard work into taking something, which is naturally perfect, and making it into something we think is better, and in doing so, we have warped a simple fruit, removed everything that is healthy about it and than we feel fat from all that sugar and cream. This is what we have done with our lives.

The inspiration behind this blog, is that I have just read something about how one goes about being happy, it consisted of clear step by step instructions as to how to go about it. In my honest opinion, it really is just a bang load of hog wash. The truth about life, according to me, is that there are a few constants i.e:

  • Everything is always changing.
  • Very few things in this world are permanent.
  • We are all going to die at some point.
  • You’ll have great chapters and bad ones.
  • You will lose people you love.
  • Not everyone will like you and you won’t like everyone.
  • Boys are stupid Grown men are sometimes stubborn and behave like children.
  • And the mother of them all “Karma’s a bitch.”

Once we understand and accept this, we really don’t have to worry about much.

Just take it easy!

In this day and age, it is essential to attempt to go back to basics, we are a generation who have lost that certain classic element that our grand parents and parents had, we are some-what spoilt. There’s an appreciation that we don’t have anymore, there’s a respect that has gone adrift. As much as I love technology and how convenient it has made our lives, I feel this is the reason we have lost the value of life.

Yes it is an incredible time to be alive, we are in a technologically advanced era, there is so much to learn, happiness these days, for some, is getting the latest cell phone, being up to date with new software, new accesories to improve our lifestyle, however, this is merely temporary, true happiness at the end of it all, should mean enjoying the simplicity of life, a moment spent talking to your parents, a conversation with someone new, embracing the beautiful summer rain, walking barefoot on the grass, appreciating pretty flowers, being one hundred percent where you are and not worrying about the next minute which is beyond your control, accepting that moment for what it is, being a mum, dad or wife, playing a sport, dancing, eating good food, hearing the voice of the one you love, a hug, a surprise phone call… This is the simple fruit that I speak of, and it costs nothing!

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No skype call can match the feeling of a warm hug, no kindle can match the smell of a new book, no picture of your travels can capture, the vibration, sound, and smell of being in a foreign country. We get so caught up in wanting to take pictures everywhere we go, that we forget to drop the camera and embrace the moment for what it is.

Once we start being happy with the little things, the bigger things are just the cherry on top. 


One thought on “Simple Fruit…

  1. siouxyan says:

    I was taught by my dad to take pictures with my eyes.. And on the topic of happiness can not be created: it can but not by downloading a program to do it for us…happiness is one of those things we must take 100% responsibility for- we can’t leave our own up to others and expect it to be nurtured…we must stay with it all the time and nurture it ourselves, be it by the side of others or by ourselves. I like your post. P.s. yesss original nature is so much more refreshing and stimulating to our happiness than any bit of technology

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