Countdown to 2016… Whoop Whoop!!!

The big 30 approaches in 2 months… YIIIKEEEESSSSS!!!!!!

About 2 years ago, I would have been quite apprehensive about stepping into the next decade, however, it turns out I cannot be anymore excited than I already am. I am psyched, I am thrilled and I am ready to dive into the “Dirty 30’s” ….. As they say.

I started this blog about a year ago as a result of my little sister nagging me to start publishing what I write, at first I felt I was taking a chunk of my inner thoughts, dilemas, private moments and craziness, and dishing it out for everyone to look at. I felt somewhat naked, I thought I was abusing an informative platform to expose the deeper side of me that some of my friends and family have not really known about, but it has turned out to be a great document for me to look back on, a year long timeline that allows me to view my growth.

After rereading some of what I wrote, looking back at all the work I put into building the person I am now, I can safely say that I am now strong, I am calm and most importantly, I am content.

I am glad to be leaving my 20’s, I have made many distinctive memories in the last ten years. It was a massive chapter for me, it was dramatic on so many levels, A 10 year long rollercoaster of ups and downs, tummy turning times, moments that took my breath away, slow uphills, extreme lows and crazy twists and turns in between all of that.

I had made mistakes, big ones and small ones, I fell in love, lost my dad, fell out of love, met so many new people, removed people from my life who weren’t contributing positively, learnt how to say No, understood that some times we do things out of ignorance and we either learn from it or wallow in the sorrow and make everyone around us miserable.

Happiness is a choice and it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself once in a while, but there comes a point where you have to pick yourself up, lift your head high and run through life like nothing matters, you know why??? Because ten years later, all that you were crying about is just a distant memory and you have new things to deal with now. Life is only as bad as you make it seem. ~Me

As much as I know I have been through so much, I am thankful for this rollercoaster, because I am now in a position where I can be strong for everyone around me. I love being the friend who can help when needed, I love being the daughter and sister who my family can count on, the person at work who people find approachable and easy to talk to. It’s a good space to be in, where you’ve worked on yourself so much, you are ready to deal with anything that presents itself. There is no greater joy in my life right now, than doing things for the people I love and anyone else who I can assist, I think that is going to be the foundation for the next ten years.

It took the last 3 years of being selfish, and working on me, finding me, what makes me happy, what makes me tick, the quality of life I’d like to live and the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and after all that, I am finally in my element, I understand my purpose here and if I am not learning something new, I hope I am able to teach something new.

All Positive from here on!

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