In the mind of a Capricorn!

I haven’t felt like writing in the last few weeks, I suppose I was not feeling very inspired about anything, but as life would have it, I am back on the ball. This time I have explored the life and times of an over-thinker i.e “ME”….. As usual!

So I am a Capricorn, and I live up to the very nature of one. At first I always thought that I am just a crazy person, an over thinker, and in need of something new to obsess over at the end of a chapter, but then I have been having some deep conversations with fellow Capricorns and I have realised that, I have found my tribe, we are all the same kind of “CRAZY” ha-ha. Get’s me all excited.

b1929c338b56b8304e8b75a1724d65c0There are 2 kinds of Capricorns, the quiet calm and collected ones, and then the over the top, extremists, live in our own heads kind of Capricorns. Different in nature yet very similar. I have never met a laid back Capricorn with a “Go with the flow” mentality. No No No, we have to have a plan, we have to be occupied at all times and nothing on this planet is more irritating than lose ends being left hanging, unanswered questions and god forbid you have read my message and haven’t replied…. By now I have assumed, you are mad at me, you think I am stupid from what I just said or you might have died from my text!!!! No Jokes.


There are few rules/ habits/ pet hates that us Capricorns live by, and dare you break them!!!!!

  1. We DO NOT appreciate a change of plan, yes we can adapt easily, given enough notice, but once a plan is in place, we have already, in our minds planned everything that needs to happen, how it’ll happen, and I have been told, pre-empt or presume the outcome!!!! I say again… DARE YOU TRY AND CHANGE THAT PLAN! The word control freak comes to mind.
  2. We are loyal to the bone and beyond, it takes a  long time for us to trust you, but when we do, you know for a fact we will be there for you no matter what. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that if I believe you are a good person, I will always have your back!
  3. 76302c79ab6d2da51b9cda6af7ebeef9If you have given us any reason to believe that the trust is broken, we will subtly distance ourselves from you, drift away slowly, you won’t know that we are doing it and before you know it, we have permanently cut ties and you will NEVER find us. Phoof, we’re gone! We are loyal people and if we don’t get that back in return, it isn’t easy to forgive.

4. We’re not psychic, but we’re very instinctive about life, for some reason, we can tell a lot about others lives, but not really about ourselves. I remember advising a friend of what lessons life is trying to teach her and giving her step by step guidelines of how it’ll play out, and everything happened exactly as I said it would. She was flabbergasted, so was I actually. Since than I tested the theory, if you dig deep enough, as a Capricorn, you can figure a situation out in no time at all and mostly be right! That’s another thing, we hate being wrong, its almost not even an option! capricorns-are-very-intuitive

Generally, after a first conversation, or even just feeling a persons presence, we can already tell if we like you or not. Unfortunately, if we don’t like you, it takes a lot to convince us otherwise and if we do, it’ll take a lot of effort to get rid of us!

5. FOOOOODDDDD!!!!!! If there’s anything on this planet we love, it’s food! I know so many of our tribe, including me, who have tried many times to be vegetarian and failed dismally. There are so many wonderful things to try, why limit yourself?

6. The thing with e-mail and text these days, is that it gives us more opportunity to over think everything, as we now can re-read everything a hundred times, be it something wonderful your superior has said about you, an insult from someone or even a simple Hi from someone you’re crushing on….Did that Hi mean, “I am thinking of you” could it be that he’s just bored and using you as a time pass, does he actually want to talk to you? Within 5 seconds you have decided what “HI” actually means…. Most of the time you’re wrong, as I said, we’re instinctive about others, not our own lives…. at all!!!!

7. One of the biggest qualities that we have is that we are very hard on ourselves, whether we did good or bad, it’s like we are over achievers but in a bad way, we’ll never give ourselves credit for anything we’ve done and  no matter how good it is, we always believe we can do better. Sleep is not important, we are hard workers and even though we like to sleep in, in the mornings, we can push work through the night and keep going if we’re inspired enough.


8. When we fall in love, we do it properly, we never lax about it, we give it our all and sometimes because others don’t get how committed we are, we sometimes get broken because nobody really understands how serious we take it.ef4048c106f317ab0df89a8203aaad62

9. One thing that’s very important especially in relationships. There is nothing we can’t achieve by ourselves, we may not be emotionally independent, but we are very resourceful, in the sense that if we need something, we can make it happen for ourselves, so when we enter into something, when we fall in love, when we allow another into our space, best you know that it’s because we have fallen for the person and not the stuff that comes with it, I have never been a fancy car, big diamond kinda girl and the best gifts you can give a Capricorn is a love letter written not typed. We’re sentimental like that!

10. Golden rule… Just don’t piss us off!


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