Timing, Thoughts and Transformation!


I truly believe that everyone walks into our lives for a reason, we attain certain things at a certain time because we need it at that time. Sometimes we receive things and only realise it’s necessity after the fact.


People come to teach us something new, we teach them, we love, we hate, we fight we cry and so the cycle goes on… I sometimes feel that certain people have walked into my life for the correct reasons, but at the wrong time. Perhaps we should have met when our level of maturity was a tad more concurrent. I say this because we could be so much more productive while being in the same frame of mind, make decisions based on a like-minded approach and inevitably experience life on a whole new level.

Emotional maturity is very important to me. I have grown up much faster than most my age. My mindset has always been different to the people around me, I chose a career that none in my circle would ever consider and I made it work for me. I have an impulsive nature, I see far beyond what others can imagine, I am a colossal dreamer and when an idea dawns on me, which I truly believe I can achieve, I become unstoppable.

Anything is possible, if you just focus, not let anything or anyone distract you from your target and you give it all the effort you got!

It sometimes frustrates me while sitting with people who think with blinkers on, they have no broader vision of what life could be, of how, if we change the way we think we will have the capacity of doing so much more with our lives.

d0c75ab5a675a14aea5f9b6e4099356f-520x650 I don’t get too involved in others lives, because I respect that everyone has a story and reasons for the decisions they make, HOWEVER  nothing infuriates me more than, when I listen to people speak of their dreams and aspirations, I see that they have brilliant ideas to do and be great, yet they choose to focus on the one hundred and one excuses of why it cannot be done. Why do people put such limitations on themselves, especially when it is clear that they have the capacity and intelligence to turn their entire life around?

Everything is as difficult or as easy as you make it.

I had worked for a company for a good few years, earning not as much I wanted. I remember sitting at my desk thinking, how will I ever be able to afford to move out of mums house, or start my own life. I knew change was in order! I could have still been in that situation if I hadn’t broken that cycle. It was extremely difficult to change from a constant monthly salary to one where I had to be on my own and make it on my own, nobody in my industry knew who I was and work was scarce for a few months, but I made it my mission to make it work! See when you focus, when you know you need a lifestyle change, and you have the guts to see it through no matter what, you will succeed. It is never easy, you will fall, but what matters is how you pick yourself up, then you can sit back and tell a story of success and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

timing-is-everythingI had a huge catch up conversation with a friend yesterday and, within 4 months she has made a complete career shift. She first had a realisation, that this is not the life that she wanted to live, she then made a decision to do something about it and with the motivation and support from her husband, she has managed to change her entire career around, now this is the kind of people we should surround ourselves with. People who aren’t scared of change.

She told me that the transition was the scariest 2 months of her life, but now 2 months after that, we bare witness to a complete career upgrade. A chapter which has given her a new-found independence, a chapter that holds great opportunity and success and most importantly a chapter where she loves her job.

Sadly loving what you do is so rare these days, people have become robotic: no passion, no drive, no enthusiasm, they simply wake up, work, get home, eat and sleep! Is this really what being alive means?

e6dcd8c8c6a46b3539a4d9ac542e1cabUs humans are so damn scared of change, so scared of missing that monthly salary. We get so caught up in this horrible cycle of working 9 to 10 hour days everyday, that we lose our drive for life, we forget the things we dreamt of as kids, we just blend into the normal day-to-day life. For me, that isn’t living, you become a walking corpse doing everything for everyone and nothing for yourself. What’s the point of living then? What quality of life is that? How are you contributing to society or even empowering yourself?

See we don’t know why we were placed here, we don’t know why we meet certain people and we sure as hell have no idea what the next chapter holds, but we need to grow as people, we need to embrace change if not create it. It’s imperative to sometimes take a look back and reflect on all lessons learnt, all the people who have come and gone from our lives and then take on a responsibility to ourselves to make the rest of our lives the best ride that it possibly can be!!!


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