The Thumb Generation

So driving back from the gym last night, my phone rings, it was a from a number that I hadn’t recognised, and since we have entered into the era of social media, texting, e mailing and whatever else there is now, it is very rare that our phones actually ever ring after working hours, unless of course it is our parents who are from an older generation and don’t really have the patience to text us…

I did not recognise the voice on the other end of the phone call, but as we spoke, I had realised that it was someone who I had known, but hadn’t really had a conversation with… Like ever.

The context of the call is insignificant at present, however a phone call from someone with whom I have never conversed with before was a refreshing surprise. You see as the thumb generation, we hide behind text messages all the time, we very rarely actually pick up the phone to call anyone anymore. I have been on many dates with people whose voices I haven’t even heard, because it is easier to send a message and expecting a reply rather then gathering up the courage to actually call someone… Mind you, even if we do want to call, we send or receive a text saying “Is this a good time to call you?”

Technology has enabled us to do much more then we could have ever have imagined, snail mail is now almost dormant, people travel to different time zones and we are able to connect with them within seconds, we are able to stream any movie at any time no matter where you are, introverts have now found a ‘voice’, they can now communicate without the need to actually physically approach anyone, and I have been working on shows now, where we shoot and edit full High Definition here in South Africa, send it to the UK, who in turn broadcasts it back onto our South African channels. At some point this was unimaginable.

As amazing as all this is, we have unfortunately become an unapproachable generation, I am not, by any scratch of imagination saying I am innocent in any of this, for me to pick up the phone and call anyone is a bit of an eeek moment, I only really call if I need people to get a message in a state of urgency, or if I am drunk dialling 😀  but after last night, I think I want to change that, I am going to start calling people, especially for birthdays, instead of send happy birthday messages with a hundred different emoji’s hoping it’ll make them feel special.

Another thing, I walked into the office one day and my producer says, “Oh my gosh, your e mail was so harsh, I am sure these people got the message loud and clear. ” Now here’s the thing, my e mail was just informative, basically stating some facts that clients needed to know regarding what I was working on at the time, by no means, was it meant to be rude or prove any sort of point to anyone, and that’s the biggest thing with social media these days, “The Misinterpretation”

I am sitting here, happily doing what I need to do, texting, e mailing ~Good times~ but the person reading your material, could be in a horrible mood, could be an over thinker and adds a whole lot of sub text to your conversation, could analyse every word you have written and developed a whole new meaning to what you actually were trying to say and could even think that this blog is about them… Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!

Social media has made our lives way to easy and difficult at the same time, but I feel like, if we haven’t chatted to anyone in a while, instead of dropping a “Hi” on social media, we should try and call, it’ll mean more and we’ll start developing more meaningful relationships again.

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