All Grown Up…

Have you found your soul mate yet? Have you considered the possibility of having more then one in this life? Have you thought about the fact that, maybe you don’t only marry your soul mate, but could have another one, like your parents, cousin or a friend?


Saturday mornings, we gather outside model primary school, in our yellow and red punjabi’s waiting for our dance class to start. I was new to this class, and had been a loner from those days, so I’d come to class, do my thing, and leave. Our dance graduation was approaching and we needed to be separated into groups. I was placed in a group of 5, 5 completely different personalities…

  • The quiet reserved one, doesn’t really speak too much.
  • The one who isn’t afraid to ask the teacher questions in order to distract her, so we could take a break.
  • The stress ball, who will panic about almost everything in order to get it perfect, and eventually excels.
  • Then… The strange one with the big eyes, square feet, hair out of place all the time, weird smile, never really cares about anything and somehow chaos always dawns when we are together. This, as you probably guessed, is the one who stuck it through with me till now, 16 years later.

There is no defining moment, that inducted this friendship to where it is now, it’s an unlimited stash of memories that we have, which prove that the 2 of us were just meant to find each other at some point in life and co-exist as pillars, running parallel to each other yet bound together by a foundation created many lifetimes ago (If you believe in that sort of thing), holding each other up, through every stepping stone in life, especially the toughest ones.

There was dance show after our graduation once, and the outfits that we had to wear were not the easiest to drape, me, being the neat freak that I am, arrived with everything in place, not a strand of hair out of place, make up done and waiting for us to go on stage, and as expected, she walked in with half her clothes draped on her, the other half in her hand, hair falling out of where it should be, half crying and half complaining about how the outfit does not work anymore! 10 minutes before we get on stage, I find myself redressing her, redoing her hair and both of us laughing till our tummy’s couldn’t handle it anymore, at how silly she is. This is the basis of Mayuri and me.

When I think of that day, I realise that this was the little sister I that had adopted, the one who has the strangest ideas, the one who is so innocent, the one I still have to share some truths of life with, which makes those big eyes go bigger, never thought they could grow anymore then that, but they do! The first time I saw them grow bigger was on New Years eve once, when I made her have her first sip of wine on a roof top in the South of India.

Travelling has always been crazy funny with us, we are the embarrassing 2! I am pretty sure our friends didn’t really want to be seen walking with us, because we would be speaking gujarati out loud all the time, doing our dance moves on the streets of Europe, SINGINGGGGGG  and literally making the others feel so uncomfortable by walking behind them, because they knew we were up to something. One important note, when we travel, we always share a room of 3: me, her and a referee. When two people are as close as she and I are, we will, without a doubt fight. So there’s never been a moment where we have gone away and been left alone to stay together. Someone out there knows that we will kill each other, but can’t allow it because we would need each other later in life when “Shit got real”

We have done many silly things together, we cannot speak without ridiculing the other, there is hardly ever a serious moment with us, we have held each others spirits up for so long, that now, sitting on my couch, listening to her plan her wedding while sipping on a glass of red wine, makes me realise, how much she has matured over time, this isn’t a teen ager anymore, not even a young lady, I am sitting with a grown woman. I understand now why we were meant to find each other and I feel so honoured to have been part of that journey with her.

I have watched her grow from teen to adult with me, seen her stumble through life-like a little happy bouncy ball, getting through those little stones that stood in her way, making those tough decisions and blossoming into one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known. I am filled with a sense of pride, and love.

One thought on “All Grown Up…

  1. Philén says:

    A close friend reminded me, a few weeks ago, “we’re meeting soul mates every day; we just dont know for what purpose, or for how long. Our suffering happens, when we attach expectations to our soul mates.”
    Your blog has reminded me again, of this empowering truth

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