The Soldiers who contribute consciously and unconsciously.

As much as editing a talk show is one of the easiest edits one can do, it is one type of show that always leaves me inspired. At the end of every show, I have learnt something new and most of the time, it has changed a certain part of my life.

Listening to peoples stories gives me a different perspective on life. It is like reading a book based on another South Africans life, but a South African who has started from humble beginnings, who has overcome so many challenges to reach a certain point in their life. It encourages me to rethink life, to explore new possibilities, yet witnessing the conviction of one individual, who has done everything in their power, to accomplish a goal, to make their dreams come true and eventually succeed, has humbled me a whole lot.

Today I cut an interview, and at the end, he was asked, “What is your advice to anyone out there who is watching?” part of his response was “Remember, you are nothing without the people.” This line may not resonate with many, but it really got me thinking of all the people in my life…


I have, in the last 3 years, positioned myself as an independent woman, not completely by choice, it was circumstances which somehow allowed/forced me to walk this path. As much as, us independent people, would like to believe that, we are on top of things, we can do it on our own, we have an ability to do the most incredible and outrageous things because we’re strong and at most times we feel invincible, there’s something that we are oblivious to, and that is the fact that we are just human beings and humans need other humans, yes, we really do!

As far as I know and believe, we are not designed to be on our own, that’s why we are born in families, it’s in our very nature to co exist with other people and build a life with them, and this is where I realised, that as much as we independent people like to think, we have done it on our own, the truth is that we might have had the faith and conviction to follow through with whatever crazy idea that pops into our heads, but we also have friends who cheers us on through this, they know us at our best and worst, they listen to us when we need an ear, they advise us when we need it, and they will reprimand us when we’re out of order. For those days when we’re really down and out, we have parents, who loves us unconditionally, who will always shower us with love and will take care of us, like we’re little kids no matter how old we are. Some of us were also blessed with siblings, and even though we sometimes realise it too late, these are best friends that were just handed to us, and will always be by our side no matter what… They don’t really have a choice, but to deal with us, so we have to milk it 🙂

Having realised all of this, I have decided to write to all who have been and still are a part of my life, all who have contributed to enabling me to try new things, who helped push me out of my comfort zone, who said “Yes you can do it” even when I thought I couldn’t, and even those, who I have just watched from a distance and thought, yeah, that’s something I’d aspire to do someday. 

To all of you, whether consciously or not, you have helped shape the life that I am living right now and I thank you for this.

So, yes we are independent, yes we can do a lot on our own, but no, we cannot do it without all the soldiers that we have met along the way, who have kept us going strong and protected us through this war we call life.

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