Life’s fictional book of Instructions


Sometimes I wish we were born with a manual, you know like a book of instructions telling you exactly what you are meant to be doing and at what time, where making your own decisions was completely unnecessary, everything would be done for you, no surprises… I guess if such a thing existed, life would be boring.

There are billions of people on this planet, and everyone believes in a different truth, the truth to a teenager is different from a truth of a young lady, which is different to an old man. What I mean by this, is that, for some, the truth is getting many degrees, for others it may be travelling, for a young lady, the truth maybe to find true love, for a young man, it could be to have as many girlfriends as he possibly can, for a person living in a rural area, it may be to make it big in a big City, for a mum it’s to raise a great kid, for a dad it’s to provide, some people believe that their truth is religion, just basically a life decision you make for yourself and believe that, that is what feeds your soul or makes you happy.

The above is the ideal, we can change the whole thing around, for example, truth of a mum could be to get rid of her kids so she can have a lavish life, or she could want to get rid of her kids so she can feed her drug habits, the truth of a dad could be beat his son up thinking that will make him more of a man, or for that young lady not to want true love but just to be free from the pressures of society and live.

This world is so big, so many people, so many ideas and rules on the way we should be, how we should think, who we should pray to, what’s good for us, what’s not… Who made these rules? Why should we follow these rules? and most importantly, why do we take all this rubbish so seriously? The truth is, we all born into this planet, with no clue on what we are meant to do here, even if there is a plan for us, we don’t know it, we are all here waking up every morning, just winging it and hoping for the best.

My truth, and I learnt this the hard way, is that we shouldn’t have a truth, because nothing is permanent, the only thing that we can be sure of is that everything is constantly changing, and we need to learn to adapt to anything that’s thrown at us. If you have a truth and it doesn’t work out, it could leave you either empty and miserable or build you into a stronger and unbreakable force, either way, it’s hard work to pick yourself up and find a new truth.

We are all going to leave this world at some point, might as well take it easy and enjoy the ride instead of following the rules that was created by…. Who knows!

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